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4 comments for dummies... Our Tips for their tricks learned the hard way... Read on to avoid common pitfalls.

Great deals at FotoConnection

Camera margins are only 10-15%, Refurbished 20-40%, OEM Accessories 20-30%, Non OEM Accessories 50-90%. The numbers speak for themselves. While you may order and finally get that Canon camera body, Fotoconnection will ensure the battery, neck strap, lens, software and manual is taken out of the box and sold to you or someone else separately. What you will likely get is a gently scratched, damaged, or refurbished brand name item complete with inferior non OEM replacement parts.

Service with a Smile:

FotoConnection knows that the OEM parts they replace work better than the non-OEM parts they sell. But shop and compare... a non-OEM extended battery is more expensive at FotoConnection than an original equipment battery by the manufacturer.

Excellent Customer Service:

Feeling lonely, place an order at with Visa 4007000000027 Exp 12/2012 and wait for them to call another 4-5 times per week. The harassment really doesn't start until the 3rd day when Tom's - call him at (347) 350-2068 - knowledge and increasing volume of high seas profanity warmly replaces whatever customer service nightmares you thought you had.

Detailed Itemized Invoice:

Didn't get one? Thats too bad... FotoConnection doesnt send itemized invoices via email because they need the flexibility to change your order without running amuck with Visa/Mastercard. No paper equals no traceability. Verbal statements are not enforceable (and they know it).

Free Returns Made Easy:

7 Day return policy is from the invoice date - the date you place your order (not from the day when you receive it). Order it, confirm it with all the little extras 3-4 days later, ships 2 days later, 3 day shipping. Total time equal 9 days - with two extra days to spare FotoConnection from ever having to accept your return - although they might take it to sell it to someone else.

Free Shipping:

FotoConnection offers FREE SHIPPING on select items that don't weigh anything. But service extras like upcharges, undocumented insurance fees ($20-100/item), and market adjustment surcharges are not uncommon and make up the largest cause of FotoConnection BBB complaints. Nothing prepares you for this on the website, but Tom will be sure to fast talk you through it.

Caveat - Pay too little and the item will never ship. In the spirit of great customer service, their expert knowledge of fiction (and your credit card bill) will magically show it shipped days ago. We calculated the ship point at 110% what we would have paid full retail at a local shop.

Free Accessories:

Yea! but I didn't get my accessories because I didn't pay for them... Yes... So they're free! Simply put, its almost not worth fighting this kind of logic.

Amazing Service:

For those tempted to use a charge hold, it doesn't work. FotoConnection keeps working for you, trying and trying... sometimes weeks after the order was placed. Cancelling your order is easy... Call your credit card company and report the card lost/stolen. It disables the credit card number and prevents further angst.

Save yourself the pain and agony... B & H Photo is the place to go. In the end its actually less expensive, you know the parts are what you ordered, no hidden charges, no BS, and the service is...

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Ermelo, Gelderland, Netherlands #29929

B&H is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. Customer service would be nothing more than an oxymoron there. No respect for customers or for what is right in a business dealing. I wouldn't even trust these folks with my worst enemy's money!

I purchased audio cables from them through their website. The text description was poorly written so I had to depend on their online product photo to identify the type of cables I needed. I thought all was well until I receive the cables - they were NOT as pictured in the online store photo.

I thought, "no problem, it's a simple error and they will correct it." Yeah, right! They actually REFUSED to even EXCHANGE the cables for the correct ones I needed, even after they ADMITTED that the product photo in their online store was THE WRONG PHOTO! What audacity, which rhymes with IDIOCY, btw!

That's fine, I lost out on that purchase - they stole my money and now I have cables of no use to me - but they lose in the end. I wouldn't buy a product from that company if it could be used to save my life!

I do, however, subscribe to their enormous print catalog and though I don't read it, it makes fine paper for all sorts of uses (grill fire kindling, bird cage droppings, egg shell wrapping before they go in the trash and eventually the recycler gets them and the pages are turned into something more useful, like home insulating materials).

B&H must spend 20 bucks a year printing and mailing me those silly...

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Maasdijk, South Holland, Netherlands #22475

Just started talking to them about a large order and the client said to wait - 7 phone calls later - when when are you going to place the order, we cant hold the price.WOW, talk about if its too good to be true, it is

also - says on line 3 or more items, ship charge up to $499.00???

big fat lie - most people dont order 3 or more - they give you the individual price and make you think you are getting a bargain when they reduce it.They come up with numbers way too quick

Hubli, Karnataka, India #18475

:) Thanks for the info, I just ordered with these guys on Friday, and they still didn't charge my card...After reading your article I immediately called my credit card company and reported it stolen. Thanks for your help.

Myakka City, Florida, United States #18457

Awesome review... wish I had read this last week... Thanks for the tip on how to cancel an order.

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