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I should have read the reviews before I bought.

Any of the good reviews on the web for were written by employees of the company. Do not trust this company. They're unethical *** bags.

Some NY'ers will remember an electronics chain that closed for shady business practices call "The Wiz"... These are the same people., TVsDepot,, ephotoclub,, Inoax.Com, TheNewConnection are all the same shop with a different web store front.

I went to for the lowest price. I bought a microwave that was cheaper than anywhere around. Like the others I got a phone call from a shady sales guy trying to pitch me an extended warranty. I declined. He said the microwave is from China and only comes with a warranty that is good in China, not the USA, and that the microwave itself is written in Chinese as are all the buttons and instructions. He said for $29.00 more he would send me the American model with an American warranty. I asked him if I can call him back in a few minutes, which he did.

I went to the website where the ad states "Brand New with 1 year USA Warranty". I called him back and told him I wanted to cancel my order as this is fraudlent and unethical behavior. I called the whole thing a scam. It says right on the website that it's an American Warranty. He said that's their company warranty, not a manufatrurers warranty.

Since when does a new product in the box not come with a warranty?

I told him to cancel the order.

He backpeddled and said if he was trying to scam me it would be for thousands, not just $29, then told me he would give me the American model for the same price without the $29 additional charge.

I told him to cancel my order, but I didn't trust them since he didn't have a cancellation number, so I also called and canceled my credit card. That was yesterday.

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