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I purchased my camera in the beginning of June and had it sent to my brother's house, which is where I was going to be at the time of the delivery, so I figured it'd be a great time to try it out.

The order went relatively smoothly, I ordered the Nikon D40 kit, and asked if this was the "REAL DEAL American Version." They assured me that it was and I was quickly sent to the Sales dept. for my purchase. I had everything from their online store in front of me and ready to order via telephone.

Throughout the order the person on the phone was polite and kept trying to upsell me into something extra with the camera, I told him I just wanted the package deal that was online and that was all, he then told me that the package wasn't available and they would "Upgrade" me to other "great" accessories for 10 bucks more, I said "whatever" and went ahead with that.

After placing my order and giving the CC info and all, I happily hung up but was sort of suspicious, and decided to look them up online and quickly saw all the complaints. I rushed to the phone (had been about 10 minutes) and called my dad (an attorney) he told me to call the CC company and the camera company and cancel my order. I called the FotoConnection store to cancel (had been just at 20 minutes, I looked in my phone for call history and times) and they told me that the order had already been processed and was sent to shipping.

I was then put on hold forever (literally 35 minutes) and then transferred to a representative finally and told him that I couldn't justify spending that much on a camera (just wanted to cancel my order) he gave me the same talk that it couldn't be canceled anymore (this comes into play later) but he would give me 20 dollars off my order if I kept it, I then asked to speak with a manager, he said "he's busy right now" I said well trnasfer me to him and let me hold, he then said "he's not here right now" so I replied "you just said he was busy" he then said "I am the manager." At this point I was not only confused but thoroughly angry! I hung up and called the CC company.

I asked them if they could cancel the order and they said FC had already processed the order (about 12 minutes after I originally got off the phone with them). I went through the story with them and they offered to open a claim so if something bad happened I'd have history and references. So I went through with that and updated them when I got the camera, and shipped it back and so on...

Anyways, when I was waiting for the camera to come in (while at my brother's) I was on the phone various times waiting for customer service, each hold period was well over 45 minutes and then multiple on holds (the average phone call lasted over 2 hours for 3 days each, not much of a vacation). They refused to allow me to ship the camera back when I got it and to give me the number needed to send it back. After getting the camera I called Nikon to verify if it was INDEED a real American Nikon like FC claimed, it was definitely not and Nikon told me to send it back! I called FC again to get the return number I needed and they said, "Well you bought the camera and now it's yours" I told them again I did not want it and needed to send it back, after about 2 days of calling for the number I finally got it! Shipped it and sent it, everything triple checked to make sure I did it correctly. After triple checking everything, I ready something that said, any order cancelled within 30 minutes of placing the order is basically fine, YEA RIGHT! you're on hold forever so you can't cancel it...

Anyways I just got my percentage of my money back (85% or whatever it was is better than giving those crooks all of it!) and this is 2 and a half months later, I was just about to go through with the CC claim and have them go after FC, but FC turned it in just in time, for them.

Moral of the story, don't buy from FC they're crooks, they lie, they cheat, they are not professional business people, just professional crooks!


Monetary Loss: $63.

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everyone who is scammed by this company needs to file a complaint with the attorney general of new york this company needs to be shut down. please do it!

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