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I recently ordered a panasonic SDR H200 camcorder on Februray 2nd, 2008

The next day, I am told to call back to confirm the credit card and the order, which I did, and the salesperson tells me that the order is confirmed and ready to ship! no problem!

2 weeks later, on February 18th, since I had not received anything, i call back to check on my order.

I am told that I still have not verified my credit card number, and that i have to send an e-mail to confirm my order... however for an amount $200 over what I originally ordered.

I then ask the rep. why I have to pay $200 extra; I am told that the camcorder alone is not available (usa model!?!), but that the "European model" (camcorder + charger+xtra battery...) is available but for $200 extra.

So basically, since I did not want to add any accessories to my order, I get a car salesman pitch, and I get put on hold several times, just to make me even more impatient, and my options are: 1: wait another two weeks to get my camcorder alone, but this time, without warranty (go figure?).... or 2: buy the camcorder + accessories and pay an additional $200.

This is really disapointing service, and I had to cancel my order and go somewhere else to buy my camcorder... what a waste of time! Thank you fotoconnection; I now know where not to shop for my electronic needs! I went to and got my camcorder within 2 days, it arrived today, February 19th.

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